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17th European Conference on Fracture
Multilevel Approach to Fracture of Materials, Components and Structures

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Brno occupies a strategic location in the contemporary European transportation network.

Road Network
The city is located at the crossroads of freeways D1 and D2 that form a part of the trans-european highways west to east (France - Ukraine: E 50), and north - south (Scandinavia - the Balkans: E 65).

The rail route from the Balkans to western Europe and Scandinavia passes through Brno (Budapest - Prague - Berlin). Brno is also a stop on the Euro-City Express route (Prague - Vienna). Time tables are available on

Bus connections
Brno is connected with the majority of big towns in Europe. Many of the bus-lines go through Prague from where, between 5:00 am and 9:00 pm, the bus service is practically continuous. All connections can be found on

Air connections
Current flights connect Brno with London, Moscow and Prague. The airport (IATA Code: BRQ) is only 7.5 km from downtown. All information are available on the web page
The international airports in Prague and in Vienna serviced by international airlines are only about 2 hours car or bus ride away. As a part of your airlines ticket you can get the ticket for a special bus connection (the CSA operates between Prague-PRG and Brno-ZDN and the Austrian operates between Vienna-VIE and Brno-ZDN).
All standard bus connections from Prague or Vienna are on

Public transport in the City of Brno
The transport network contains the tramway, trolleybus and bus lines. The general information are on Specific information for conference participants (including location of pertinent stops) was prepared on conference local maps.

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